Actarneos Spaceport was built in 2700 AKR. This spaceport was built to serve only the Jeji Royal Government. The spaceport contains three terminals, which can handle a total of 100 spacecraft at one time. The three terminals come together to one central area, which features a massive concourse, that often is extremely crowded. The spaceport has little in way of asthetic value, as it is completely closed to the public. This spaceport has been used for the public in case of an emergency. This spaceport is located on an island, slightly isolated from the remainder of the district. Actarneos replaced the Egum Spaceport, which was constructed in 1803 AKR. The original Actarneos spaceport was just the one terminal, but the remaining two were added in 2724 AKR to facilitate the increasing traffic.

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