Aegis Shielding Matrix, often abbreviated as ASM or even AS, is an energy-shielding technology discovered almost 40 years ago on Telios Prime . By focusing field emitters so that they intersect their fields in a cumulative effect, rather than a cancellation effect, it becomes possible to precisely control how permeable these fields become to matter and energy of specific wavelengths. By rapidly varying the exact phase of each emitters specific field (within the confines of the equation that maintains the cumulative effect), it became possible to quickly disperse the energy of impacts (both matter and energy based) on any point of the matrix.

ASM total field strength effectively determines the limit of dispersal and the effective "strength" of the shielding matrix. This technology has been in use in the spacecraft construction industry to provide protection from both interstellar phenomenon as well as artificial phenomenon, such as kinetic and energy-based weaponry. Although all spacecraft on Telios Prime now sport ASM modules, larger spacecraft, with their additional power generation capacities, are capable of generating enormous ASM fields, capable of resisting correspondingly enormous impacts.

There are still advances being made in fields of research that led to the discovery of ASM. As the original intent was to create methods with which to control and contain energy reactions, much of the research and knowledge that led to the discovery of ASM also led to the creation of fusion-based reactor technology.

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