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The nation of Aizai was formed 1374 years after the Kashouion Rebellion. It was brought together by mutal agreement of fifteen Aedatani tribes. They established a nation that spans half of the largest continent. The government was determined to be a constitutional monarchy, after a problem with a complete democracy. Despite the usually king dominated monarchy, the Aizai monarch is often a queen. The first queen was Queen Aisis Iacai of the Aidaldra tribe. The current monarch is Queen Meihelia Rairnis. The palace city is Aendira located on top of the Castuarova Mountain. The nation itself is several seperate metropolises, that cover the entire area. The largest city is Nubeva located about 99,580 MDU from Aendira.


In the time before Aizai was formed, the various tribes of Aedatani did not really interact, but merely went on without knowing the others existed. A little while after the Kashouion Rebellion, the ICS, used the Aedatani warriors to protect the captial planet of Silei, giving the Aedatani their first experience with an interstellar society. At about 1000 AKR the Aidaldra tribe and the Xanurini tribe, met in a rather violent manner. While full-blown war never broke out, many Aedatani from both sides were killed in the conflict. This bit of violence would continue for about one hundred years. Every tribe seemed to go their own way and stay seperate, slowly developing their society's. However, the finally decided that their societies would benefit from an alliance, and thus the Aizai Nation was born.

Aizai Flag.jpg
Civilization Class Type B
Government Type Consitutional Monarchy
Chief of State Queen Meihelia Rairnis
Capital City Aendira
Size {{{nation size}}}
Formation 1374 AKR
Alliances Danouarri Orbital Shipyards

Jeji Alliance ICS

Population 553,562,234
Largest City Nubeva
Official Language Antanini
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Currency Jeji Royal Galactics
Measurement System Jeji Royal
Primary Imports Raw Materials
Primary Exports Spacecraft


The Aizai government is made mostly of the Queen and her parliament. The Queen is elected from a preset group of candidates, brought before Parliament, for a ten year term. Each of the fifteen tribes has a regional governor assigned to it. The Parliament members are chosen by election every four years. The ICS provides two senators to the planet and one of which resides within Aendira. The Royal Military's primary training base is located in Nubeva and is made of about 250,000 Aedatani Warriors. The Queen herself is protected by an elite group of soliders.


  • Queen
  • Governors
  • Senator
  • Parliament Members
  • Royal Guard General
  • Citizens
  • Royal Guard Members
  • Royal Military


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