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Gender: Male
Born: 21,660 GST
Died: 21,845 GST

Algen Galvin became king of half of Hollowstar proper in 21,706 GST, at the death of his father Lessos Galvin. Due to the work of King Lessos, his reign was a time of peace and prosperity. His death resulted in the destruction of Hollowstar proper. During his entire reign, Algen was armed with the thermal shields designed by King Lessos, allowing him to defeat all assassination attempts and be a champion fighter in his own arena.

The name "Gold King", which he shared with his father, was not primarily a reference to his achievements or wisdom, but to the golden glow emitted by his thermal shields while in use. The term originated shortly after the rise of the Red and Black kings, as a way to distinguish the Galvin line from the other two kings. Late in the Golden Age, the term changed slightly to refer to whoever ruled from the Gold Palace.


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