Annis Jundar is the current Chancellor of the Grand Legislature and in this role works as a chief public official in the Interstellar Dominion. Known as a hard-nosed Fusilisk politician with great skill in the art of parliamentary maneuvering, he is praised by many as a courageous reformer though some critics argue that he is too quick to bargain and compromise while others claim he lacks deference for the stabilizing traditions of Dominion government.

During his long tenure as Chancellor, Jundar has been at the forefront of many major legislative victories. He played a key role in securing the largest expansion of funding and authority of the Education Secretariat ever. He led the charge for sentient rights and against widespread corruption by spearheading landmark reforms of the Interstellar legal system. Shortly before becoming Chancellor, he brokered a deal to pass a massive infrastructure project for the outer territories of the Dominion. This work almost certainly relieved billions of his fellow Fusilisk from poverty while averting economic calamity during the Financial Panic of 22,131. Perhaps most significantly, Jundar successfully led a campaign to amend the Interstellar Unity Charter to allow the Grand Legislature to elect two members of the High Council.

Jundar most recently took on a prominent profile during the election of the latest Grand Vizier. By withdrawing support from his longtime colleague Qat Harvin at a key moment, he tacitly allowed support to flow towards the reform-minded Royant Verrik eventually leading him to prevail over the more conservative Dulik Velinsk.

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