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Creation: 21,840 GST
Destruction: 22,126 GST

Aron was begun in 21,748 GST as the 100th member of the Hollowstar Android Series. He was never completed, but was given his freedom in 21,842 GST in response to continuing reports of Iban's destructiveness. Aron joined the group of refugees that escaped the destruction of Hollowstar proper, and returned to Hollowstar with the colonists in 21,940 GST. He lived among the people of Hollowstar until his faulty mechanism finally broke down in 22,126 GST.


Aron was designed as a nonphysical creature composed of a magical space-distortion field and an electromagnetic field. These two parts interacted to give him the revolutionary power of quantum thought. According to the original design, he should have been able to extend his body over any region and control entire worlds, but the project was halted before this was implemented and Aron was trapped in the shape of a Kelosian. Aron was different from a normal Kelosian in that he had no weight (allowing him to fly), couldn't be harmed by ordinary weapons and required great concentration to pick up everyday objects. He was also far more intelligent than any Kelosian, but he had great difficulty speaking.

The design flaw that killed him was poor integration between the electromagnetic field and the space-distortion field, which allowed him to eventually split and merge with the gravitational and electromagnetic fields of the planet.

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