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The Atom-Generator was first invented by a Tetnik named Joshua in about 9,050 GST for the purpose of creating new worlds and extending lifespans. It is not known exactly how the Atom-Generator worked, but remnants of ancient Tetnik archives state that a superpowerful propulsion system, similiar to that of a spaceship but much more powerful, was somehow combined with the power of a strange machine, that is to this day not named, that generated an endless supply of energy. This somehow allowed for the creation of atoms, but most scientists of other species believe that there is a missing part, as all attempts to recreate an Atom-Generator have ended in failure. There was originially one Atom-Generator, but Anna Ulisk, Joshua's assistant, created a second one in 10,273 GST.

Both Atom-Generators were destroyed along with their blueprints and outlines, and the technology has never been reinvented.

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