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The BRPG Character Generation for Mumbitanians are as follows:


Faculty Scale: 2

All Mumbitanian Faculties, by default, start at 6 (above average). You may add a total of 20 points to all of the Faculties. You can never have more than 10 on any one Faculty and you must use only whole numbers. If you were to split the points evenly, all Faculties would be at 8 (good).

Also determine your Faculty Traits based on your Faculties: Physical Fatigue Rate, Mental Fatigue Rate, Running, Lifting, Carrying, Throwing, Hitting, and Kicking.

Based on your chosen values determine the following Faculty Traits:

Special FeaturesEdit

  • The Mumbitanians have an instinct for combat in groups. All Mumbitanians have a skill bonus of 10 when rolling against a difficulty check for combat when in groups.
  • The Mumbitanians have an instinct for balance. All Mumbitanians get an automatic success when attempting to balance on a tall building.


Damage CapacityEdit

You will need to note your character's Damage Capacity. All characters have 100% values on their damage capacity for the following locations:

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Abdomen
  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Right Leg
  • Left Leg

The 100% value is reduced if you take damage to a particular location. The value is increased if you are wearing armor or are in someway protected from the damage. Note also that this value is relative to the Faculty Type of the character. Mumbitanians are type "2" so creatures that are type "1", like Kelosians will have 50% Damage Capacity compared to Mumbitanians.


Mumbitanians can be found in the following locations:

Refer to those locations and sub-locations (i.e. Planets and Cities) to find Education and Career Path options. Choosing Education and Career Paths will give your character skills (knowledge), money, and property.

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