Basilicus Naming conventions (large quantity numbers are divided by periods between each set of three):

Galaxies in Basilicus Prime Cluster Edit

BP# (# = proximity to Basilicus Prime, with 1 = to Basilicus Prime itself)

Galaxies outside the Basilicus Prime Cluster Edit

X# (# = proximity to Basilicus Prime, with 1 = closest)

Galactic Bodies Edit

BP#/X# (BP = Basilicus Prime Cluster bodies, with 1 = to Basilicus Prime itself), X# = outside Basilicus Prime Cluster, with 1 = closest to Basilicus Prime)

Black Hole Edit

-# (with -1 being the Prime Core Inatus)

Star Edit

Arbitrary Name or Number

Planet Edit

Star:# (with 1 being closest to the star)

Satellite Edit

Star:Planet#:# (with 1 being closest to the planet)

Example of naming convention Edit

The third moon of the fourth planet of a star called M41 in the Basilicus Prime galaxy = BP1:M41:4:3.

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