Blovion are the most ubiquitous living organisms in the Basilicus Prime Galaxy. They were the first organism to evolve in the galaxy around −9 billion GST. Blovion are generally composed of large groups of unicellular microorganisms. Because of their great prevalence and long history, they vary significantly across different regions of the galaxy. Typically 10-20 microMDU in length, blovion demonstrate a great diversity in shape and spatial formation.

Blovion are commonly found in every habitable location in Basilicus, growing in almost every terrain as well as in organic matter and the bodies of organisms. There are usually at least 1-5 million blovion cells in a 0.0004596 SMU portion of any solid or liquid volume component of a habitable planet, forming much of most worlds' biomass. Blovion are vital in recycling nutrients and in some cases minerals and energy. Various ecological cycles depend on blovion, and some strains of blovion are known to enhance the speed of certain geological cycles.

Many blovion have not yet been analyzed or described by any sentient organism, and only a small portion of blovion species have been grown in artificial environments.

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