The Briadevi Captial Attack Cruiser is made by the Danouarri Orbital Shipyards, under the code DMC-737M. This cruiser was designed specifically for the Independent Coalition of Systems to be the backbone of their navy. The ship is 6187 MDU in length. This ship is equipped with 12 heavy Autani cannon, 4330 Tanei turrets, and 15 Acil rocket cannons. The ship has the ability to carry 50 Corovona dropships, 20 Escalene class light fighters, and 10 Malibum Class bombers. The Briadevi utilizes about 25 crew members, and has the capability to carry 1000 soldiers. The cruiser has a seperate chamber for traveling dignitaries in need of extra security. The ICS currently has 200 of these cruisers and 500 on order. The Briadevi is the main capital ship of the ICS, and the second largest ship in the fleet, after the Janaji Space Command Center.

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