The CA-30 series cruiser-class starship is the Stellar Corps' workhorse capital-class starship. Designed and built by the Riyo Corporation, in early 22,109 GST, as a replacement for the aging CA-15 series, the CA-30 was the first Stellar Corps warship equipped with an STW Route transceiver system and Kelosian copies of Redeemptionist mass-reaction weapons, the original design acquitting itself well during the Congressional War.

CA 30 SubtypesEdit

The CA-30A is the original design, armed with four ultra-heavy spinal-mounted mass cannon, eight super-heavy mass torpedo tubes, twenty-eight Class One blaster cannon in seven quad turrets, one hundred Class Three blaster cannon in twenty-five quad turrets and six patrols of Stinger VII(later Lancer)short-range fighter-class spacecraft.

The CA-30A has a crew complement of 180, plus a company of 160 ship's troops.

The CA-30B is a field expedient created by Nivallan, Darkworlder and Stellar Corps techs during the Rannellan Conflict, armed with six ultra-heavy spinal-mounted mass cannon, ten super-heavy spinal-mounted mass cannon, four ultra-heavy mass torpedo tubes, twenty-eight heavy mass cannon in seven quad turrets, fifty interceptor batteries and six patrols of Mark I(later Mark II) Lancer short-range fighter-class spacecraft.

The CA-30B has a substanially-reduced crew complement of 79—owing to extensive automation—plus a company of 160 ship's troops.

The CA-30C, shown below, is another field expedient created by Helic and Stellar Corps techs assigned to the Arrq Theater of operations. Incorporating the armaments of the CA-30B, the C subclass replaces the short-range Lancer fighters with two patrols of LRF-20Bs and is optimized for combat on STW routes.

Several select CA-30C cruisers, such as the Will Triumph, below, have also been retrofitted with drivewave systems.
The CA-30C has a crew complement of 79, plus a company of 160 ship's troops.

Will Triumph

Location Edit

Kelos Sector

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