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Empire of Worlds
Political Information
Type of Government Representative Democracy
Founding Document Galactic Compact
Head of State Liam Wilson
Executive Branch Imperial Council
Legislative Branch Imperial Advisors
Judicial Branch Imperial Courts
Societal Information
Capital Decimisus Prime
Language Galactic
Currency Imperial Galactics
Establishment 0 AKR
Dissolutionment {{{Dissolutionment}}}

The Empire of Worlds is one of three governments created by the Galactic Compact in 0 AKR. The Empire of Worlds has over 1,000 thousand inhabited systems under its control, which makes it the largest in actual size, but in overall productivity, the Independent Coalition of Systems reigns supreme.The EoW controls what is called the Mid-Ring. The EoW capital is located on the planet Decimisus Prime. The EoW is close partners with the Federated Systems, and shares great economic capabilities. The relationship between the EoW and the Independent Coalition of Systems has been greatly strained.


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