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Galactic Coordinates (1,3,31,130,21)
Region Core Worlds
System Jeji System
Sun(s) Jeji
Moon(s) 3
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere {{{Atmosphere Components}}}
Terrain Semitropical Islands
Native Species Aedatani
Immigrated Species {{{Immigrated Species}}}
Primary Language Jejiian


Population 5 Billion
Major Cities Nubeva
Affiliation ICS Flag.jpg Independent Coalition of Systems
This article is about the planet Jeji. You may be looking for other areas of the galaxy named Jeji.

Jeji is mostly an ocean planet, with water covering 83% of the planet surface. The native Aedatani people have settled most of the land masses and the migrated Ternys control the majority of the oceans. The planet was discovered by a reasearch team heading to the Jogau I system, but a mistaken set of coordinates led them into the Jeji System and eventually they landed on the world. The Ternys were believed to have migrated to the planet several thousand years before, after wandering about the galaxy in search of a new home. The planet has two landmasses, one in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern. The planet's poles are solid ice masses that do support a few expeditionary colonies.


The planets land masses are covered with rivers and lakes, but have massive jungle mountains dotting the surface. The plains are dense jungles that have given way to enormous cities with the modernization of the planet. The largest nation, Aizai, is all one massive city that covers half of the big continent.The oceans are surprisingly flat and have little in the way of distinctions. However, the Ternys have created cities that float only a short distance below the surface of the oceans.


Jeji Flag

The Jeji Flag

The Aedatani are a very warlike people, that disliked the idea of outside interaction. The Ternys,on the other hand, are more focused on creating a united society and try to remain secluded. The Aedatani opened up to the idea of a galactic influence, because of this the Jeji has become a major tourist destination.


Jeji has three natural satellites, labelled Jeji I, Jeji II and Jeji III. Jeji II is the only habitable satellite with a polar climate.


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