Magika when civilization sprouts, first just being icy flowers that grow in the cold, but ending in humanoid creatures known to everyone as Magika Winds.

Magika is an icy blue planet (mentioned as able to be seen from Sakusmi on a good night) that controls the waters and the air of Sakusmi, Sinicka, and Mokvira (yet not the same with the others). Magika had once been uninhabited, until the Magika Winds were birthed. (The Magika Winds) Once the birth of the Magika Winds occured, Magika became a beautiful moon, yet, there was no sign of life other then the Magika Winds. Magika had been considered a planet by the Sinickans, but the Sakusmian's knew that Magika was a moon, a moon of true beauty, and moon capable of creating life. Magika, meaning the magic blue moon, has populations of icy blue flowers that grow from the ice. Each flower has a name and a person it belongs too, when the person dies, so does the flower, but in reality, it's more back words. The people of Sakusmi believe that Magika is a goddess and not much of a moon. They believe that if the Sinickans hurt Magika, they will all be destroyed by a beautiful blue woman. Magika is as old as the Solaluciak galaxy itself, and is the purest moon in the galaxy.

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