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General Information
Constructed 1293 AKR
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Location Information
Planet Jeji
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Climate Coastal
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Societal Information
Population 2 Billion

Nubeva is the largest city on the planet Jeji. It is part of the Aizai Nation. The megopolis is actually 30 islands, each of which is heavily inhabited. The city is connected with the Escor Shipyard of the Danouarri Orbital Shipyards. Approximately 543,237,000 Aedatani are permanent residents, along with 2,344,234 other citizens.


Nubeva was created in 1293 AKR, after several metropolises on the islands came together into this one city. The majority of the people work in the Escor Shipyard. Over time most people moved to the islands directly outside of the city. Nubeva has at times been considered for the position of new capital. The Independent Coalition of Systems embassy was moved to Nubeva in 1700 AKR. The Parliament Chamber was moved to Nubeva in 1732 AKR. The first building over 10,000 MDU was built in 1423 AKR by the Jeji Royal Government. In 1634 AKR the city was split into ten districts, as outlined in the next section.



The Nubeva economy is supported mostly by the ship building industry, but there is a large export of natural resources that adds to the economy.


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