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U'lara Galaxy
Common Attribution U'lara Galaxy
Scientific Name Omanpicion Nic
Total Stars 50 billion
Star Systems 4 billion discovered
Size 6.43 W
Galactic Arms Yaha Arm

Rista Arm

Onala Arm

Satellite Galaxies {{{Satellite Galaxies}}}
Regions Northern Ridge

Western Civs

Southern Veil

Eastern Frontier

Sentient Species 74 to date
Primal Species Too numerous

One of the twelve companion galaxies of the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. The Companion Galaxy Omanpicion Nic is better known as the U'lara Galaxy, and is about 1 WAL from the last civilized system in the Main Galaxy, which is the Kiamia Ninima System. This galaxy is the most heavily populated of the Companion Galaxies, and as such has ten trade routes leading into the galaxy, each of which lets out in a different part of the galaxy. The galaxy is aligned with the ICS. &nbsp

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