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on a galactic scale

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Republic Against Tyranny
Political Information
Type of Government Democracy
Founding Document Articles Against Tyranny
Head of State President of the Republican Legislature
Executive Branch Republican Legislature
Legislative Branch Republican Legislature
Judicial Branch High Court of the Republic
Societal Information
Capital Eden
Language Galactic
Currency Republic Argenti
Establishment 324,148 BKR
Dissolutionment {{{Dissolutionment}}}

Overview Edit

A mysterious civilization that claims to have a powerful military dedicated to eliminating oligarchy and monarchy from every sentient world. The R.A.T. mysteriously rose after the eden league mysteriously fell and they are starting to rise in many planets. Modeling a Democratic system from a long destroyed civilization, this government is very militaristic and took a hostile stance toward many independent worlds explaining its growing size. all king and empire controlled worlds are subject to immediate liberation and annexation -president Reynolds

Technology Edit

The grid is a highly powerful computer that gives the military of the organization a serious edge. The judicial system of the organization is also said to be controlled by this powerful computer. Some speculate that the fall of the eden league and the recent rise of R.A.T. is due to the grid's control.

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