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Location Edit

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Stations Edit

Statistics Edit

Planet Scientific Name Kelos II

Indigenous Name Suve

Orbital Radius 254 pars

Planetary Classification: Distant Inorterrarid

Radius 14.3 centipars

Density .062 decels per cubic nanopar

Mass 2.88x10^17 getrels

Acceleration due to Surface Gravity 3.27 decipars per instant per instant

Rotational Period 24.6 GD

Orbital Period 24.6 GD

Axial Tilt 2.64 degrees

Primary Atmospheric Composition Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen

Average Surface Temperature 1,277 Kin

Escape Velocity .268 millipars per GI

Ring System None

Natural Satellites None

Orbital Stations Station Bottilli

Overview Edit

The second planet from Kelos, and Crystaldeep's neighbor, Suve is more inhospitable than Kamabha because of its rampant greenhouse effect. The atmospheric pressure is similar to the deepest part of Crystaldeep's oceans and the main component is carbon dioxide yielding clouds of sulfuric acid.

The stormy surface of Suve is mostly rolling plains with continental depressions that were once oceans. There are enormous mountains throughout and in the northern hemisphere a large plateau. There are no permanent settlements on the surface of Suve. No existing Kelosian-made environments can stay stable for longer than a year.

Specialized exploration of Suve has taken place over the GY, mostly funded by mining corporations. About twenty GY ago, large deposits of uranium was discovered on the surface and anyone that can afford the environmental equipment has gone on the system's first uranium rush. The largest deposits have already been claimed by mining corporations, nations, and the Congress of Crystaldeep, but daring prospectors still find financing and risk their lives for wealth.

The environmental conditions are so extreme, prospectors must use very specific vehicles and equipment and the technology is so new, the equipment is not always reliable. There have been thousands of casualties on Suve to date and hundreds occur every year.

In the last couple of GY the UMG has funded the construction of Station Bottilli. The station is almost complete and its spaceport has been operational for two GY. It is a stopping point for prospectors and exists only under Congressional Law. Already it has a wild reputation of lawlessness and ruthless business tactics.

Geology Edit

Most of the surface is cooled basalt lava with a few impact craters. There are no moving tectonic plates, but volcanic activity is still prevalent in certain hot spots. Its core is liquid iron, but the planet lacks enough momentum for a magnetic field.

Geography Edit

There are two continental highlands on the surface that summit over planetary plains. The northern continent is called Oshtar Terra and is home to the planet's largest mountain range Freewell Montest. The mountains sit on top of a huge plateau system called Ahkme Planum.

The southern continent, Phrian Terra has its own share of highlands, but is more abundant with plains: Lanta Planitia, Evere Planitia, and Lanan Planitia.

Sociology Edit

The largest settlements, although temporary and nomadic, exist in the uranium mines of Freewell Montest. Thousands enter and leave this region every year and about forty percent of them die from the harsh Suveian conditions. There are no permanent settlements and very few people end up in Oshtar Terra.

History Edit

Suve has always been known by Highlords and Kelosians. It is named after an ancient goddess. Observed and studied over thousands of GY, the planet was very helpful in determining early astronomical development in Kelosian culture, including judging Crystaldeep's approximate distance from Kelos for the first time in the late 21800s GST.

In 22058, a mobile station by the name of Excelsior became the first long-term habitat in Suve space. The crew were a group of Congressional scientists on the first wave of the Congress of Crystaldeep's quest for resources. In 22110, Josef Stravinsky was the first person to step foot on the surface of Suve. His ETA lasted 6.8 seconds before he had to return to the spacecraft. Several more expeditions thoroughly explored Suve until uranium was discovered in 22144, by Leslie Fisher, a Congressional researcher. The uranium rush began and Station Bottilli's construction began in 22151. Although still under construction, it is operable and has given a home for the thousands of people that pass through in search of uranium.

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