Council supremacism is a political philosophy that emerged in the Interstellar Dominion in the time following its foundation. Its proponents believe that the executive branch of the government of the Interstellar Dominion should dominate the political arena. Maintaining stability, efficiency and strength through the general leadership of the Troman High Council is the key principle of undergirding Council supremacism.

Jaffe Cornin and Ki Zaal were two of the foremost thinkers involved in articulated and forming Council supremacism as a coherent ideology. The Virtue of Executive Authority was a highly influential essay written by the former that was widely disseminated during the drafting of the Interstellar Unity Charter. Grand Vizier Razon Korrino is considered to be an exemplary leader by many modern Council supremacists for the way in which he expanded the power of the Council, although many scholars dispute whether Korrino intended this change in government structure as end in itself or simply as a means to advance his other goals.

Critics of Council supremacism tend to see the tenets of the ideology as a mask for sympathy towards oligarchy and/or monarchism. These critics generally contend that a fair balance of power between the branches of government must be upheld in order keep the government democratic and responsive to the people.

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