Location Edit

Srandri Sector


Scientific Name: BP1 AS SRAND33 Planet II

Indigenous Name: Unknown

Planetary Classification Giant Ecoaerovoid

Radius: 5.5E-58 SDU

Density: 1.27E55 SMU/SDU

Mass: .007 SMU

Rotational Period: 1 GD

Orbital Period: 243 GD

Primary Atmospheric Composition: Hydrogen

Average Surface Temperature: 425 Kin


Devond I is a gas giant, composed entirely of hydrogen. Its name is a corruption of "devoid," but unlike the name implies, Devond I is not devoid of all life. Just of Tredrifer life. People have spotted from pictures taken from stations above the planet that a species of large snake-like animals live on the planet. They float around and prey on the occasional hydrogen gas collectorship. Not much is known about these not-so-gentle giants. What is known is that the hydrogen atmosphere (which makes discharging a weapon impossible) allows the serpents to float. They are almost invisible, except for maybe a glint of scale or fang be fore an attack. One has yet to bring down an entire ship, but they have opened the hull of more than a few, and this almost always kills at least one Tredrifer crewman. This complication makes farming hydrogen very risky, but still is the only income source for a few, and thus there will no doubt be far more deaths before the situation has a solution.

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[ ] Location Tree
[ ] System
[x] Scientific Name
[x] Indigenous Name
[ ] Orbital Radius
[x] Density
[x] Orbital Duration
[x] Radius
[x] World Size
[ ] Acceleration Due to Gravity
[x] Mass
[x] Length of Day
[ ] Axial Tilt
[x] Planet Class
[x] Average Surface Temperature
[ ] Population
[x] Density
[ ] Coordinates
[ ] Elevation
[ ] Time System
[ ] Governing Leadership


[x] Summary
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[ ] Geography
[ ] Climate
[ ] Geology
[ ] Government
[ ] Legal System
[ ] Economy
[ ] Demographics
[ ] Ethnicity
[ ] People and Culture
[ ] Religion
[ ] Arts and Entertainment
[ ] Cities
[ ] Transportation
[ ] Education
[ ] Sports
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[ ] Technology
[ ] Transportation


[ ] Planetscape
[ ] Flag/Banner
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[ ] Political Map
[ ] Geological Map
[ ] Climate Map
[ ] System Map/Location
[ ] Planet Picture

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