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Creation: 21,815 GST
Destruction: 21,845 GST

Evan was completed in 21,815 GST as the 79th member of the Hollowstar Android Series. He was used regularly on combat missions for his durability and adaptability. He was on Hollowstar proper at the time of its destruction, and was destroyed in the explosion that ended the Golden Age of Hollowstar.


Evan was designed from the ground up as a cellular creature, with no vital organs but instead functioning as a community of identical cells with no individual identity. Each cell contained a tiny Unbinder Generator that allowed Evan to use his body for energy directly. As Evan fought, he lost size, and frequently had to be brought back to Hollowstar for rebuilding. Evan spent most of his time in the shape of a Kelosian, but in fact he was a pure shapeshifter, able to shift his individual cells into any position and even break into pieces and reform without harm. His cells cooperated as a giant computer, so he was less intelligent while broken apart than while whole.

Each of Evan's cells was easily damaged, and a weapon inserted in Evan's body resulted in a large quantity of waste as the ruined cells were expelled.

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