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The only inhabited planet in the Agrippina Flagitiosissimus System. It is inhabited by the Flagition.

The population of the planet is about 11 million. The planet is ruled by a hereditary council which enjoys very high support most of the time.

The planet has a diameter of 7925.519 kdul (12809.223 km), making the planet a bit larger than Earth. 66.28% of the planet is covered in water, and the atmosphere consists of nitrogen and oxygen in roughly similar proportions as on Earth, though the atmosphere is a bit denser. The length of a day is about 25 and a half hours (1.06 Earth days). The length of a year is 345.05 of these days (about 366.6 Earth days - longer than an Earth year by a small fraction). The planet has one moon, Asnoflagit, with an orbital period of approx. 52.61 Flagtiosissimus days (55.9 Earth days).

The system was ignored by the Latinians (believed unpopulated) until a Flagition slower-than-light spaceship arrived at the nearby Agrippina Alpha IV System.

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