on a galactic scale

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Time in Basilicus is generally measured by the rotation of Black Hole Inatus, considered the core of the Basilicus Prime Galaxy. This measurement is called Galactic Standard Time (GST).

The exact conversion is 1 instant := 85.1472 Earth seconds.

Although Earth does not exist in Basilicus Prime, this table will help apply the time to something familiar.

The present day is: 22,147 GST.

Earth Time Application:

  • 1 year = 85147200 Earth seconds (approx. 2.69 Earth Years)
  • 1 month = 8514720 Earth seconds
  • 1 day = 851472 Earth seconds
  • 1 hour = 85147.2 Earth seconds
  • 1 minute = 8514.72 Earth seconds
  • 1 second = 851.472 Earth seconds
  • 1 instant = 85.1472 Earth seconds

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