In the past, Telian scientists had made use of this term within the field of astronomy to define the concept by which light from distant objects can be "bent" by the gravitational effects of a mass in the path of the light. But in the last 50 years, this term has come to define the technology by which the graviton output of a stellar body can be focused, so as to be used as a directed energy weapon. This class of weapon was designed by Telian scientists following their disapointment with fissile and fusion-based weapons during testing against asteroids and other potential threats to Telios Prime or its colonies.

The creation of the gravitational lensing phenomena requires a tremendous amount of power, and as such, these weapons have only been mounted on the Shiss-ta class ships. A secondary issue with this class of weapon is the requirement for a local stellar body to be present for the creation of the phenomena, and its eventual directed output.

The astronomical term of the same name has been termed optical gravitational lensing.

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