A gravity chute is an industrial reverse gravity harmonic load lifter, capable of moving ore and other components from the surface of a planet to a low orbital platform, for further interplanetary transport. Although the gravity chute requires tremendous amounts of energy to function, they are still far more cost effective. Since the gravity chute can operate in both directions, the Telians have created enormous ore transport ships, which would be unable to land and take off from the surface of a planet.

The gravity chute works by projecting a rotating reverse harmonic wave that is exactly tuned to the planet's gravitational field. By using an a rotating amplitude, at a higher energy setting than the gravitational field, it becomes possible to accelerate matter upwards. The use of confinent fields allow for the creation of a "tunnel" or "pipe" up to the orbital platform. The gravity chute employs a crew of at least 5 individuals: three at the ground station and two in the orbital platform. These are often very monotonous work assignments.

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