19000-19999 Edit

19300-19399 Edit

19352 Edit

  • 19352.12: The Tasaran Nanotech Disaster occurs. The destruction of the orbital settlement Ullena prompts the calling of the International Convention on Nanotechnology on 19352.37.
  • 19352.37: The International Convention on Nanotechnology meets and calls for an international government for the regulation of Nanotechnology and other large-scale affairs.

19354 Edit

19361 Edit

  • 19361.42: Had Gar-Ithaka develops the first operational Slipstream Drive. With it, Gar-Ithaka and seven others make the 32-lightyear transit to the Asithiae System and return in 14965860000000 CTU.

20000-20999 Edit

21000-21999 Edit

22000-Present Edit

Work in progress Edit

History of the Aegan Commonwealth is a work in progress. webmaren is actively working on the article and more content will be added on an ongoing basis until complete.

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