The Jaidoric Race is the dominent sentient species on the planet Jaidori. The Jadoric is a race of Iorou, with a few exceptions.

Growth & DevelopmentEdit

The Jaidorics are slightly different from the average Iorou, but are still considered the same species. They tend to have lighter hair, and less muscle mass than the average Iorou. On average they are 5.97 MDU as newborns, but this does not stay so for long. In the first month the newborn will grow .47 MDU. The newborn is born without any hair whatsoever. The newborn will typically not grow any more during the first year. However starting in the third year of life, their growth restarts at about .94 MDU per year, which is about 1.5x the typical Iorou. This growth continues until about age twelve when, surprisingly, the growth rate increases to 2.82 MDU. This growth rate continues until adulthood, about 20. The Jaidorics become sexually mature at about age 14, but do not marry until about 25. At about the sixth birthday a covering of hair begins to form on the top of the head; the Jaidorics have full Iorou hair patterns by about age 20. By adulthood the typical Jaidoric is about 41.48 MDU. Scientists attribute the increase in height to the increased amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, which allows the cells to reproduce sooner, and live longer.

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