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Statistics Edit

Common Atribution: Javanian

Categorical Attribution: Javanian Sapiens (Wise Javanian)

Evolutionary Star System: Veto Mortem System

Star Systems of Prominence:

Population Data: 15 Billion

Civilization class: Type C: Interterrestrial Society

Overview Edit

Javanians are skinny creatures with four legs and two arms. Their head is occupied by one large eye, but they have no other facial features. They have three senses; sight, touch and a final extra one, that gives the Javanian the ability to build up a picture in the brain of electrical activity. Thus, a Javanian in the presence of another creature with a nervous system (such as a Kelosian) will be able to see that nervous system clearly. Javanians get the energy they need to survive by absorbing chemicals through pores on the skin of their hands.

They have no heart, and energy is carried around the body through their nervous system, which is, rather than thousands of cells, tunnels filled with mercury which convey electical signals around the body, as well as electrical energy to power the body. They contain only one cell, as the simple cells they evolved from just grew larger, rather than forming colonies and multi-cellular organisms.

Sociological Analysis Edit

Javanians are extremely aggressive and intelligent. Most of their wars are fought over what they think to be the most important resource in the galaxy: knowledge. They store huge chunks of information in knowledge banks all over their home planet, and every other planet they have populated. Javanian data centers are frequently destroyed, but the data is rarely lost, since the Javanians are very skilled at transferring the data elsewhere just in the nick of time. Their technological and scientific progress is stymied by wars and famines caused by the intellectual greediness of these creatures.

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