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Unit sign Kin
Measure Temperature
Base Unit Kin
Multiple of Base 100
System HCM
Common usage Commonly used in communicating astronomical temperatures
Water freezes at 350 Kin.
SI 7.8043 Celsius or Kelvin per 10 Kin units
Imperial 10 Kin units per 14.048 Fahrenheit units
see also: HCM
Next units
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The kin is a standard unit for measuring heat.

Amount of Kinetic Energy it takes to move 1 El for 1 Millipar in 1 Galactic Instant.

  • 0 = motionless (no energy)
  • 350 = water freezes (low energy)
  • 6,000 = blue star (high energy)

Earth Conversions Edit

  • There are 10 Kin (Kinetic Units) per 7.8043 Kelvin and 7.8043 Celsius
  • There are 10 Kin (Kinetic Units) per 14.048 Rankine and 14.048 Fahrenheit
  • 350 Kin = 0 Celsius, 32 Fahrenheit, and 273.15 Kelvin

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