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King Ottak I was the ruler of the territory of the Mumbitanian Empire.


Race: Mumbitanian

Gender: Male

Age: 88


Universe-->Basilicus Prime Cluster-->Basilicus Prime Galaxy-->Taratisus Arm-->Mumbos Sector-->Mumbos System-->Eshmur


Intelligent, cunning, ruthless.


He looked like a normal Mumbitanian except for the fact that he had long, brightly coloured feathers. He wears Mumbitanian battle armour


  • Incredible intelligence and tactical experience


King Ottak I was the first king to unite the Mumbitanians under one banner and begin the expansion beyond the Mumbitanian home world Eshmur. In the early days his objectives were to unite the Mumbitanians under one banner to stop the vicious and brutal civil war that was raging. Once he had achieved this he wrote up the code of honour that dictates how a Mumbitanian should behave. It highlights the laws that stop Mumbitanians from killing each other and to stop them killing animals and plants needlessly. Later on in his reign he had to combat the Jakarr threat. He died three months after they had driven the Jakarr from their system. His last request was that his sons should rule after him and that they destroy the Jakarr once and for all.

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