Latinian Star Imperia (say: luh-teen-ee-un star im-peer-ee-uh) (Standard Latinian: Imperiae Astriensis Latiniensis) is the collective and alliance name for the four Latinian states: The Latinian Star Imperium/Agrippinian Line, ""/Pristinian Line, ""/Vaticanian Line and, finally, ""/Treverorian Line. Altogether they occupy the whole Latinian Arm of Basilicus Prime. They work together and are similar in many ways, but are still independent states with quite some differences.

The symbol of the Latinian Star Imperia is the Imperia Circle. This symbol is featured on its flag, as well as the flags of the four states. It is a circle, divided into quarters by a horizontal and a vertical line. The upper left quadrant is blue, representing the Treverorian Line. The upper right quadrant is red, representing the Vaticanian Line. The bottom right quadrant is yellow, representing the Pristinian Line, and the bottom left quadrant is green, representing the Agrippinian Line. This is the approximate arrangement of the Lines' territories, if the galactic core is taken as being at the top.

The flag of the Latinian Star Imperia has a grey background, with the Imperia Circle in the centre.

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