on a galactic scale

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Nano, the barren waste land caught in the gravitational pull of Genesehres' two suns, Onir and Titan IV, is covered with lakes of molten rock and Nanis. Nanis, the mutated element, is very stable and is a light blue color. Although Pyris can handle Nanis without being harmed, but upon contact to flesh, it is quite hazardous to other beings and species. Named for the planet it is found on, Nanis is about 50%-75% transparent with an electric current flowing through it. Nanis is a liquid, like water, but becomes brown upon contact to molten rock. Upon contact to fire, Nanis becomes 20% transparent and stiff, but doesn’t change color. When heated, Nanis becomes slightly harder, making it easy to mold, but also stays in a the specific shape it is molded into.

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