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Negatron's Gift is a self-focusing wormhole, tied to the Antheonic Web and knotted to a small pedestal. It was given to the Ancestor by Negatron in 19,560 GST. While the original device was on Hollowstar proper at its destruction, lesser clones of it can still be found in much of the technology of the Hollowstar and Malegus Systems.


Negatron's Gift allows any individual to potentially influence the Antheonic Network by acting on the black ball at the top of the pedestal with ordinary equipment. One of the easiest things to do with Negatron's Gift is to create smaller copies of it, which allowed Hollowstar technolology to grow at an immense pace in the years after Negatron gave it to the Ancestor. However, putting Negatron's Gift to its full use is very unintuitive; by the War of Time's End, Hollowstar researchers had unlocked very little of its true potential, which would theoretically be as great as that of Negatron himself.

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