Common Attribution:

  • Oogle, Mr. Jiggles

Categorical Attribution:

  • Ooglus Nooglus

Home Star System:

Star Systems of Prominence:

Population Data: 300 million

Overview Edit

The Oogie originated as the result of a genetic experiment to create a 'cute' pet. The result was the oogle.

Biological Analysis Edit

Waterbe Chompoid Scrach Sizes

Oogle (third one from left to right), compared with other animals from the planet unistarch and the Quathalan sector.

The Oogle are striped yellow and orange.

The Oogle are limbless pseudoslugs and move around by crawling on their belly.

They have insect-like carnivourous mouths and three bony plates on the back.

Ecological Analysis Edit

They are unable to survive in the wild, instead they require spoon-feeding by Waterbien keepers.

Sociological Analysis Edit

The Oogle have a developing, if somewhat less advanced biological caste system, with the social importance measured by the activity of the tear ducts. An oogie with inactive tear ducts is discriminated against, whilst overactive ones are worshipped.

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