Written Ooglese

An example of written Ooglese. This translates to: 'Waterbe, Food'.

Ooglese is the primitive language spoken by the Oogle.


The Ooglese alphabet consists of four letters:

  • Click: A high pitched click caused by rapidly closing the inner mandibles.
  • Clack: A low pitched clack caused by rapidly closing the outer mandibles.
  • Ck-ck-ck / Warble: A warbling sound made by closing the inner and outer mandibles in turn.

Translation GuideEdit

Ooglese Translation


English Waterbien
Click Food Piscaro
Clack Shelter Domicum
Ck-ck-ck Water Imda
Click-Ck-Ck-Ck-Click Waterbe Waterbe
Click-Clack Home Docus
Ck-ck-ck-clack Danger Perex
Ck-ck-ck-click Come one Oogle Adunus
Ck-ck-ck-click-click Come two Oogles Aduos
Ck-ck-ck-click-click-click Come three Oogles Adunos
Ck-ck-ck-(n clicks) Come (n) Oogles Ad(n)

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