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The Orbital Defence Cannon System is a Woog defensive network consisting of several orbit-based cannons. The cannons convert electrical energy from onboard reactors into kinetic energy to propel tactical explosive shells to a top speed of 12 centipars a second using extreme magnetic force and super tensile focus tracks.

Location Edit

Universe-->Basilicus Prime Cluster-->Basilicus Prime Galaxy-->Taratisus Arm-->Antheon Sector-->Notillius Star System


The Orbital Defence Cannon was created by Woogian scientists after their departure from Kelos to help prevent another possible invasion of the Notillius System. The ODCS is a powerful system and can launch tactical weapons of any magnitude during a battle.

Orbital Defence Cannon is a work in progress. Woogers is actively working on the article and more content will be added on an ongoing basis until complete.

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