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This article is about the area of Avopei-Larru. You may be looking for other areas known as the Outer Rim.

The Outer-Rim is the outermost area of the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. The Outer-Rim wraps around the Mid-Rim, and is surrounded by relitively empty space. The Outer-Rim is the largest area of the Galaxy in terms of area, but has the smallest planet density. The Outer-Rim is also home to the only habitable systems known to exist in the Abusota Arm. The Outer-Rim is the section of the Galaxy that is ruled over by the Federated Systems. All ships that are coming or going from any of the Companion Galaxies must pass through the Outer-Rim, making all products from these galaxies very expensive. Similar to the Mid-Rim, most of the Outer-Rim worlds are colony worlds of the Core Worlds, but were settled much later, and therefore more are emerging systems rather than stabilized systems.


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