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The Remodeling of Reality is a phase of creation in Authlanis mythology. According to legend, the Cosmos unveiled reality and as the process was experimental, they spent the subsequent time, a period known as Perfect Darkness to plan improvements. These plans are in a collection called the Tomes of the Cosmos and are archived in the Zealous Magisary Book and Tome Depository and Library in the Magisary Domain. The Remodeling occurred after Perfect Darkness when the Cosmos systematically corrected many of the mistakes made in the Unveiling and is marked by the creation of reality's clock The Way Things Are, the records of reality called The Truth, and the lantern of the Goddess Arnasia that created daylight.

The Way Things Are Edit

Created by the Cosmos to create a natural order to reality, The Way Things Are was created during the Remodeling on the summit of Mount Because. A cosmological clock, The Way Things Are set the patterns and rhythms need to regulate all order and structure and deliver a natural law from which all things must abide. The clock created also the nature of Time and the Four Dominions ultimately establishing the systems of life and death and the y'tons of all immortals.

Arnasia Edit

One of the major transitions the Remodeling caused was the creation of daylight. This need was fulfilled when the Cosmos assigned y'tons that split apart Denia and Arnasia, an immortal couple. Denia was brought into the realm of Denia to oversee lost souls. Enraged, Arnasia renounced the Cosmos and sought the Hilrah to light up the surface of Authlanis from her airship so she could find where Denia was kept. This fulfilled her y'ton as the Light Bringer and with her light marked the new reality the Cosmos made.

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