The Republic Chip is the standard currency unit of the
Republic Chip

The Symbol of the Republic Chip.

Galactic Republic of the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. It was broken into a set of metal coins and crystalline chips, hence the name. Each denomination of chip was a different color and featured the image of an historic figure. The chips are also of different sizes to help ease the usage of the currency for the blind.


Denomination Image Common Name Color
0.05 Quin Pherr The Quin Silver
0.10 Loria Torina Decichip Silver
0.25 Strix Intren Quartic Gold
1.00 Barr Zi The Barr Silver
2.00 Ara Schul Deux Gold


Denomination Image Color
5.00 Loria Torina Light Green
10.00 Zin Tur Cyan
20.00 Quin Pherr Violet
50.00 Ara Schul Red
100.00 Barr Zi Blue

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