The Restricted Zone is the area immediately surrounding the black hole core (the 'Ifefega Core') of the Avopei-Larru galaxy. As the name suggests, this area is restricted to all civilians without exception. Occasionally the Independent Coalition of Systems, which surrounds the zone, will send military expeditions into the Zone to try and find some more habitable areas in the Zone. When first designated the zone was determined to be a sphere extending one superpardox from the galactic core. Since that time it has shrunk and taken on a less spherical form.

The zone is approximately 15 lux in diameter and contains an estimated 60 billion stars, making it the area most densely populated with stars in the galaxy. This high density results in the zone being highly hostile to any form of life, due to the relatively short distances between stars and the resulting chaotic gravity-induced effects all bodies within this zone have on each other. The phenomenon of 'core-rip' has been frequently observed by ICS astronomers; whereby one star's gravity field has such an effect on another star as to literally 'rip' out its core.

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