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Segarus is the grandson of Negatron, the superpoweful Fourth King of Hollowstar, and Argusedas, the legendary Seyaran-metromage. He is also the Master Metromage Translucent and the last of the metromages.

Equipment Edit

  • Translucent Metromage unit
  • Shortsword

Abilities used to date Edit

  • Warp space [Negatron] (changing the direction of gravity, increasing/decreasing distances, etc. on a scale of several yards)
  • Telekinesis [Metromage] (within about a yard, no precision)
  • "Scorpion Strike" [Negatron/Metromage] (compresses the air into a large spike and propells it forward)
  • Warp ground [Seyaran/Negatron] (Change the shape of the ground within a short distance)

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