The Taalan'a Incident is the popular name for a biological incident that happened 57 years ago, near the Lanabb Nebula . The Jaaline-veh Cruiser Taalan'a was on a routine exploration mission when the crew was infected by a viral agent that was later identified and labelled Viilt-ah Plague virus. The ship was programmed by the captain on a self-destruct course for the star Shiss , but was never enabled, most likely due to the captain's incapacitation due to the virus. Upon the discovery of the ship drifting in space, it was towed into a remote area of the Shiss System and a containment facility was constructed around it. Further studies have allowed Telian scientists to discover many interesting facts about this space borne viral agent. It has also led to a great number of casualties in the research branches of the facility.

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