TelNET is the name of the planetary communication system on Telios Prime, as well as the link between the other planetary NETs of the Shiss System. This redundant, multi-routing network transmits photonic data amongst other types, and is used by Telians to communicate with each other on a daily basis. The use of TelNET the viewers allows the user to see a three-dimensional view of the caller, which is selectively focused at corneal distances, making the image viewable only by the user of the device. This leaves the user with the impression of seeing the other party as if they were face to face. Viewers are available in numerous formats and have been available in publicly accessible pods for more than a hundred years. Most Telians either possess a personal viewer, or have access to a public pod easily.ou

TelNET is also used in a political manner to allow Telians both access to and a voice in the decision making process of the Telian people. The ability to allow Telians to vote by TelNET has allowed democracy to operate more openly and fairly than ever before.

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