An element native to the Shiss System, and more specifically as a primary component of asteroids from the Shissian Belt. It was discovered on Telios Prime as part of the asteroid debris from the Cataclysm, and has been mined and harvested since this time. This element is a dull grey metallic compound, with very unique properties. On controlled exposure to several forms of focused radiation, the metal displays polymimetic properties, that allow for very precise molecular manipulation of the material. Interestingly, once transformed in this manner, the material loses its ability to be manipulated using this method, making the transformation a one time process. This property led to the discovery of new material manufacturing techniques, that have allowed Telian engineers and scientist to develop unique forms of this material, such as the very popular extruded foam version, often used in the creation of spacecraft interior components, due to its extremely light weight to structural rigidity ratio, as well as alloys created by the inclusion of polyceramic elements to the teliosium foam matrix, which have been used in the creation of ablative armor plating for spaceship exterior shells.

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