On a large, fertile plain between two mountain ranges.

Historical AnalysisEdit

The Tribonians that formed Ger settled on a large, fertile plain. Instead of uniting under a single leader, however, a schism caused many tribes, or Avels, to be formed. These tribes became nomads, wandering their great plain and keeping only the bare minimums of survival with them.

Cultural AnalysisEdit

The various Avels share a main culture, as nomads, that isn’t as refined as some other city-states are. The military prowess of the various Avels, however, keeps invaders out of their plains. They are a Rilok peoples, and contain Tribonian culture traits #1, #6, #7, #10, and #12. There is a legend among the Avels of a “Golden King” who will lead his “Bronze Army” against the world and emerge victorious, ruling Zenopolis Minor. For this reason, most Avels restlessly train their militaries, hoping the Golden King will be one of their own.

Government AnalysisEdit

All Avels have Depositisms, where the leader tells his Avel what to do, where to go, and who to listen to. Other than that, very little is ever included in the government since survival takes precedence over everything else.

Mercantile AnalysisEdit

Once again, survival takes precedence over all else, including trade. However, one product is exported profusely by the various Avels. Their militias are renowned throughout Zenopolis Minor, and they are often hired as Mercenaries.

Military AnalysisEdit

As previously mentioned, the Avels have very impressive militaries. Their primary, and many times only, type of soldier is called a “Flying Thuen”. Flying Thuens tame large birds, and ride them while wielding swords and bows. When traveling, it is considered dishonorable to ride a bird, but in combat and in training, these warriors train hard and are unmatched by any other king of troop. Their "Mercenary" status gives them both a large amount of freedom and quite a bit of money. Tallies are kept of who has killed the most enemies on the battlefield, and to be in the to 5 is a great honor. Once every ten years, the top fighter from each Avel will travel to the center of the plain, where they will battle. The victor is proclaimed the Greatest warrior of Ger and assumes command of his Avel.

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