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Occured: 15,110 GST

The transporting of a small population of Kelosians to Aragithia, a side-effect of the tear in reality created by a rogue band of Forseers thousands of years before, resulted in the memory-lacking sentient beings to reproduce in secret for centuries until they emerged to cause confusion in the world. The Dark One, seeing an oppertunity for conquest, made a pact with the hateful Kelosians, and used part of their flesh to create a new, even more vile species called the Snelg.

Armed with two war-loving races, the Dark One once again enslaved the world. The Forseers who had once before had the help of the Timekin were alone; the Wotovik refused to fight their former master. As the Dark One continued his rampage, destroying everything the Forseers held dear, finally the Creator and "the strange race with three eyes and pale skin" appeared once again, and defeated the Dark One and his army. Changing the Kelosians and Snelg to more peaceful people; the Dark One had made it so that the Snelg's appearance was unchangeable, preserving their grotesque features. The Creator had a final duel with the Dark One, but the results of the battle are to this day unknown. Both the Creator and the Dark One vanished, and the world was thrown into chaos for 3,000 years. At about 16,110 GST, after the long period of confusion, Aragithia finally began to settle down and cope with the uncertainty of whether it would live or die.

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