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In the beginning, before anyone can remember, and before the world was plunged into chaos, there existed two people called the Timekin, a holy race that regulated the world's energies, and the Forseers, the small race that kept peace in the world. The Creator had instilled a sense of duty in the two races, a duty to keep the world good and plentiful. But one, no one knows exactly who, rebelled against the Creator, and was called the Dark One. Some legends say he was a Timekin filled hatred for the Creator because of his great power, some say he was of the Forseers, envious of the energy-controlling powers of the Timekin, still others say he was something else. The Dark One vowed to undo what the Creator had put on Aragithia for the rest of his life.

No one knows exactly when the War of the Ancients happened, but it was long ago, right after the creation of Aragithia. The only known events of the War of the Ancients is the creation of the Wotovik by the Dark One, and the world falling into chaos. The Dark One amassed a large army of Wotovik that greatly outnumbered the Timekin and overpowered the Forseers. The Creator's people enslaved and the Dark One seemingly in control, the world plunged into darkness, until finally the Creator and a strange, unknown race waged war on the Dark One and converted the Wotovik to more peaceful creatures. The Dark One defeated, the world was at peace once more, for a time.

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