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Location Edit

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The United Woogia is the Nation of Woogs in the Notillius Star System. This governing body was created in 21973 GST by Noonian Woog. The United Woogia is a direct democracy, with every citizen voting on solutions to all problems. Anyone who can read is eligible to vote. The head of state is the Noonian, with the first being the founder of the Woogia, Noonian Woog. A Noonian's term lasts two Galactic Years. The current Noonian is Mencer Sprag.

The CentrillionEdit

The executive branch of government, the Centrillion, executes all solutions passed through votes by making laws reflecting the solutions. All who do not follow these laws get the harsh punishment of being sent to the Antaliac Prison on Woogian V. Through the Centrillion, the Notillius System is kept peacful and virtually crime free.

United Woogia is a work in progress. Woogers is actively working on the article and more content will be added on an ongoing basis until complete.

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