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Uule is a major deity in the Authlanis pantheon and is specifically responsible for guarding lost souls. He is also the god and leader of the Uule People/Playful People and the husband of Sabeau, and follows the Susie Paradigm of cosmology.

Uule is said to guide the dead to their domain through dreams, because that is the only way to communicate with those that are trapped between the living and the afterlife. As described by some wizards, lost souls still can only perceive the Domain of Motion but actually reside in the Domain of Thought. This paradox means they can only see or be seen in dreams. Uule then lives in a waking dream constantly guiding lost souls to Denia where they are held until the Cosmos find a place for them. The state of living in between Thought and Motion was the result of the War of the Golden Scimitar as described in the epic poem A World Without Stars. Uule was murdered by a mortal called only The Man With The Wide Brimmed Hat causing the mortal to plummet. This started a series of events and battles that would ultimately define much of the political and religious boundaries in Authlanis. After Uule's murder his spirit resided in Denia, but once the Golden Scimitar was recovered he was permitted to leave, not as a physical being, but as a walking dream. Sabeau avenged the death of Uule by destroying The Man With The Wide Brimmed Hat during the last battle of the War of the Golden Scimitar.

Since the war, Uule is also responsible for making sure no Lost Souls leave Denia, because Denia himself cannot come to the Domain of Motion. The mythological trend for gods to remain in the Domain of Thought and goddesses to remain in the Domain of Motion is quintessential Authlanic ideology and is representative in the belief of balance within and between the domains as regulated by The Way Things Are.

Uule is part of the Higher Pantheon and was one of the first immortals created by Enesis and Susie along with Arnasia, Denia, and Sabeau. Uule is also the king of Uule Country and is worshiped by the Playful People.

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